About Us

We are a bunch of professionals doing architectural jobs

Our company is a summation of two components: an analytical design studio and a seasoned construction firm.

Formerly known as KRYZL Construction and Resources Corporation, this company has transformed to adapt to the demands of globalization and provide a broader scope in the construction industry, from design conceptualization to building implementation and administration.

In our belief, there is no "form follows function" or "function follows form". There are only forms with function and the right topological proportion defines architecture.

Corporate Mission

"To provide an atmosphere of continuous improvement through highly motivated multi-skilled employees with the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, united in producing quality products directed a maximum customers' satisfaction."

Corporate Vision

"Success and Leadership Anchored on Spirituality."

Corporate Objectives

  1. To develop an integrated personality of ZHEN employees equipped with Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual and Social Values.

  2. To continuously improve performed through better planning, implementation, monitoring, control and feedback.

  3. To maintain market leadership on top of competition.